The eye of a horse

It is the beauty that observes you

It is the depth of a lake that watches every mouvement you make

It is the strength and power that will enchant you

It is the spirit of the wild that will make you bow with respect

It is iternity when you look into that deep blue

And than the vasteness of the universe lies just in a glimpse of a look


Horses our mirors of emotions

My work with horses -People have come to me to ask for help when they have difficulties with a horse either in handling or in riding.  I try through ground work to see where the horse has his week point- He moves in all three gates freely in the round pen. I look at his whole body. Sometimes it is a balance problem sometimes it is due to a muscel that is bloked in his back or in his hind. But sometimes it is also a mental problem as horses are the sensitivity in itself. People ask me how I can see this. Maybe it is through years of schooling my observation when training my own horses from the ground, but it is also due to observing others working with horses and looking at the horse to see how it reacts towards every movement that the person does. When I do this kind of work I have constantly in mind that the horse can only find his harmony in his movement when I do the same. The horse becomes my proper miror. When I can  teach and show the owner of a horse to look at his horse differently by schooling his observation in the same way, than  I have achieved  my goal, bringing owner and horse back together.

The couching : With my own horses I work with people of all ages that need to find themselves again and the energie to confront the challenges of life.

It’s a work with the horse for which the Morgan is the perfect horse because of  his sensitivity.

The artistic part brings out the emotions that you experienced while working with the horse either from the ground or on his back- In french it is called „Art thérapie évolutive“ which you could translate as a theraputic way to paint and and progress towards understanding of yourself and finding an inner harmony.


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